Untitled (Public Opinion) - Felix Gonzalez-Torres, 1991

From the Guggenheim:

Untitled (Public Opinion), a 700-pound spill of black-rod licorice pieces, displayable as either a corner piece or a carpet, is a dark, aggressive work. The missilelike shape of the candy and its brooding, almost sinister, appearance alludes to our culture’s pervasive militaristic outlook and hostile hegemonic stance. As an artwork produced in a conservative political climate, the sculpture also refers to the still pervasive censorship in America and suggests that public opinion is not as informed as it once was.


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    Yeah see this is the type of contemporary art I have a really hard time getting behind.
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    Okay…I’m going to say it. WHUT? You got ALL THAT from a pile of LICORICE?? I sometimes think that modern artists should...
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    I like how EVERY contemporary art to do with global warming is always just putting junk somewhere and calling it art and...
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    I remember when I saw something similar, except it was a pile of cheese puffs mixed with big pebbles. I thought someone...
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    aha…hm…i see. so what the artist is trying to say is, we cant eat it. lame.
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    I would’ve never known this was art if nobody told me. I’d just believe it was a pile of licorice.
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    i agree that this could be called art but the comparisons being made here are a fucking STRETCH
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    heh yeah sorry i guess someone out there must like it
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    So who else thinks that fine artists do whatever the hell they feel like and then make up a deep brooding meaningful...
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    But. it’s a pile of licorice. Y’know, licorice, that delicious candy you used to eat as a kid? 700 pounds of candy in a...
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    Listen- I am totally okay with conceptual art. I put that in bold because anytime I critique a highly conceptual art...
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    All this guy makes does is make massive several hundred pound piles of shit for museums, but I love it.
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    it is literally a pile of black licorice in a corner.