The next few days are going to be different…

And mainly directed at all the AP Art History exam takers!

I was in your shoes 3 years ago. I sat through that horrific exam. Multiple choice, essays…it sucked. It was long. My hand cramped up. But I survived, and you guys will too! It seems like a ton of information (and it is), but I bet you all are going to do great.

So, for the next few days, I’ve queued up over 100 posts of what I call “CtC’s Crash Course in Art History.” There will be artworks starting from ancient to modern, all in chronological order. Some will have “study questions” that I wrote up with them, some won’t. I’ve tried to pick images that I remember being on the exam, key works, or pieces representative of a movement.

They’ll all be published before the day of the exam (roughly 25 posts a day, finishing up on Thursday), and tagged with “ap art history crash course.” You can either look in the archive, or use that tag to find the posts. Hopefully just having an overview of some major works of art will help them stick in your mind - that’s the goal! Just let them wash over you, and I’m sure you guys will realize how much you really do know.  

On a final note, make sure to check out my tips for taking the AP Art History Exam.

Good luck!


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    Starberry April 29, 2012: Art History info! Much appreciated :)
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    This is amazing. I took AP art history back in 2003-4, and still draw on the things I learned that year daily. I learned...
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    I bet this will be useful and/or interesting for some of you —- nice work putting this together!
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