What are you looking forward to most in the upcoming week?


Posted on December 9 2012, with 114 Notes

  1. abejavieja said: Flying home to California!
  2. guacachile said: Making new friends!
  3. dfromearth said: doing what i’m supposed to do
  4. howtosetyourmouthonfire said: free time.
  5. evhan55 said: uninterrupted studio time
  6. jessicatheroses said: seeing the ABT Nutcracker ballet after finally finishing all my major projects for the semester.
  7. antigona-pequenita said: Finishing the damned semester!!!
  8. lapetitegalerie said: Decide if I’ll be traveling in SE Asia for the next year… Decisions, decisions ! :)
  9. poodleperry said: My dear friend, who has been studying abroad in Sweden for the semester, comes to town to hang out!
  10. tubafrom said: Paula Rego on cavetocanvas! saatchi-gallery.co.uk/a…
  11. a-life-time-passion said: The end of fall quarter and finals!
  12. birdswithteeth said: being done with finals and being able to start new paintings :DDD
  13. sugarplumrabbit said: For finals to be over and go back home to play video games with my sisters
  14. gilam0nster said: The end of it!
  15. brooksnshit said: i hope I get fired. I don’t want to give up on my shitty job —somehow i’d feel better about myself if I just got fired instead of gave in and quit. I look forward to finally having some time off after the semester ends.
  16. bismuthine said: THE END OF FINALS I’m dreading going home from college but at least I won’t have FINALS I was painting in the studio for ten hours yesterday, 2 til midnight
  17. daukulis said: I’m looking forward to finishing classes for this semester and traveling back home to see my brother and mother, on the other side of the country, whom I haven’t seen for two years—since my father’s death.
  18. shellytalk said: Picking up two of my daughters at collage. Btw I meant to thank you for posting the Ruth Ray. I knew her as a child. And love her work. I hope you have something fun to look forward to too.
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    The Hobbit and Picnic with Boyfriend.
  20. dillydallydilettante said: The little end-of-the-semester party my professor is throwing for us. And finishing this gdamned essay.
  21. domaniquealicia said: Getting sign off on two projects!
  22. princeofigor said: Getting 3 exams, including the hardest one, done and hopefully done well
  23. talefeather said: Finally, some COLD weather for us in Texas!
  24. skimmilkcouture said: Finishing the semester and moving in with my boyfriend :)
  25. tsumetai said: The end of finals.
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  27. ceruleanblues said: Impromptu road trip to San Francisco with I who loves he and he who loves me.
  28. no-thanks said: Reading three more books and Christmas shopping and Friday.
  29. greatbrittainy said: Probably acing my english project so I can bring my class average up to an A. Or maybe it could be dreading cause maybe I’ll end up failing the project miserably..
  30. blosselia said: Going home for Christmas and seeing my family/dog
  31. laurabaribeau said: The quarter ending - I’ll hopefully never have to take another philosophy class again. Also, The Hobbit premiere.
  32. embaembot said: seeing my boyfriend in six days
  33. metamorphoseandbodhi said: Food, family, and friends.
  34. to-rirockets said: Going back home for the holidays!
  35. cm-no said: Finals are done Friday… can’t wait to feel what it’s like to not be anxious.
  36. pretty-corny said: Finishing and giving in projects and doing final exams and being done with it all!
  37. honestbird said: My last jury ever.
  38. lifestyledrug said: my death
  39. ohcarina said: Ending finals.
  40. rachellani said: THE HOBBIT
  41. julianminima said: getting work done in my studio… and Christmas shopping!
  42. timothyjamarbrown said: Looking forward to working on a bunch of charcoal commissions, and watching a lot of good basketball. It’s gonna be a good week. How ‘bout you?
  43. countingdown said: getting the week over with :/ lots of art history papers to write, you know the story
  44. violet-moreviolence said: nothing.
  45. 0w0cindy said: it must be the end of the semester!!!!!!
  46. random-finds said: My college graduation! :D
  47. stephmcheng said: hopefully doing well on my linear algebra final!
  48. kimberlynne said: the end of finals weeks. you?