What is it with so many artists and sex jokes? I mean, sneaking penis's into their work, sexual innuendos, vaginas, etc. I mean, seriously? Come on. Do all these artists get together and laugh boisterously at the word "pee pee"?
- Anonymous

Sex is an integral part of the human experience and thus inserts itself into many aspects of our culture, including art.


Posted on January 23 2013, with 176 Notes

  1. littletinyfish said: It depends on the context, but I could certainly be convinced to laugh boisterously at the word “Pee Pee.”
  2. singular-they said: From a biological standpoint, sex is THE most important thing in human life. we’re wired to think it’s important. (Well, that and not dying.)
  3. medjed said: plus they think its funny. so do I
  4. sexworm71 said: yes dumbass. art isnt just pretty pictures you know
  5. thisisaflirt said: It’s funny, people laugh, laughing makes people happy, that’s something good. Don’t take it too serious.
  6. slimewave said: It’s weird to me when people are not preoccupied with sex to some extent.
  7. brianbelott said: groucho marx! youswine!