Artemisia Gentileschi

A few people have pointed out that there haven’t been many women artists recently, which is true. The vast majority of you request male painters, and I get maybe 1 or 2 female artist requests for every 40 male ones. So, I’m making an executive decision that today will be an Artemisia Gentileschi day. I don’t want to lump female artists into one day, since I wouldn’t normally do that with males, so today I’ll feature Gentileschi and start mixing in other women artists a little more frequently.

Also, a quick note: It’d be really helpful that, if you want an artist, you submit only one person as a request, and send in separate asks for other individual artists. It helps me keep things a little more organized in terms of posting asks with the artist of the day.


Posted on April 30 2011, with 26 Notes

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