Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are you/who runs this blog?

  • My name is Alie, and I’m currently the Digital Communications Coordinator at the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas, overseeing all of their social media profiles and working on a variety of other digital/online projects. I graduated from  the University of Texas at Austin in 2013 with dual bachelor degrees in English and Art History.

2. Who is your favorite artist / time period / artistic movement?

  • It’s hard to pick just one; I enjoy the work of Winslow Homer and Alfred Stieglitz. Other artists I like include Frantisek Kupka, Tamara de Lempicka, Sally Mann, Vilhem Hammershøi, Vermeer, Erté, and Thomas Hart Benton . My favorite time period is right around the turn of the 20th century.

3. How does this blog work?

  • I receive artist requests from followers; each day, I post a selection of works from a particular artist.

4. Can I request that you post works by a certain artist?

  • Yes! That is essentially the basis of this entire blog. Before requesting an artist, please check the Previously Featured Artists Page to make sure that the artist you want to see hasn’t already been posted, and read over the artist request guidelinesOnce you’ve done those two things, feel free to drop me an ask with the artist that you’d like to see featured. 

5. Why hasn’t the artist I requested been posted yet?

  • Normally I have anywhere from 700-800 artist requests sitting in my ask box at any given time, so it will take a while (roughly 6 months - sometimes longer) to get to your request if no one else has already requested that particular artist. The number one reason I don’t post a requested artist is a lack of available online images of their work. If you request an artist whose body of work is still under copyright or not readily available online, there is a high probability that I will not feature that person. 

6. How do you choose what to post?

  • Once someone requests an artist, I scour the internet for high quality images that span the artist’s life. I post works that I enjoy and find interesting and also works that are important to the artist’s oeuvre. If you’d like to read a longer version about how I find the images I post, click here.

7. Can I submit an artwork?

  • Yes! Submissions are always welcome. You can submit an artwork here. Please make sure to read and follow all the guidelines about what types of artwork to submit, or your submission will not be posted. Please don’t submit personal art.

8. Will you promote me/my blog/my cause?

  • In general, no. I do not promote individual blogs. However, if you would like me to check out an art-related organization or cause that you’re a part of, feel free to send me a message.

9. Can you help me with my homework?

  • No. I have a very strict no homework policy. Please don’t ask me to help you find informations for assignments or anything else that should be your own work.

10. Are you on any other social media sites?

Anything else you want to know? Feel free to send me a message or email me at [email protected] and I’ll answer (mostly) anything not covered in the above questions.